Rocket came to us emaciated but the rehabilitation went well. Sadley, once his weight was back a tumor in his linuses grew fast and we had no choice but to humanely euthanize him.






Rocket Man’s Rescue

by anonymous


As we left the farm,

Horse trailer in tow

I could only wonder

How could they have let him go?

Let him go to a point of starvation

The only glimmer of hope is his determination.

As tears roll down my cheeks

I bite my tongue and order my mouth not to speak.

On a health scale of 1-10

This one rates a one but he now has new friends.

The phones light up as we near the rescue farm

A vet to check his health

Volunteers to deliver his new found wealth.

A wealth of love, food, and safe haven

All made possible by volunteer donations.

Today, a day after the rescue, and we watch the snow fall

This is written to say thanks to all

To all the volunteers that make rescues a success.

To the volunteers of Dusty Trails, we are impressed.

Impressed with the kindness you all have shown

And impressed with Rocket’s New Home!

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