We just took in Merlin and don’t know much about him but his condition is horrible. It may be too late to bring him back. It’s all up to Merlin.

Update: Merlin has crossed the rainbow bridge.

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  1. Genile says:

    Amazing this guy is still standing.. Good luck rehabing him. You’re right, it’s up to him. But, he couldn’t be in a better place..

  2. Christina says:

    This poor fello… it breaks my heart to see people who do this to their horses. I myself would love a horse, and seeing the people who have a horse and mistreat it, well how they could do that is beyond me. I hope he is able to recover. One day he will make someone a fine horse.

  3. cameo05 says:

    I am so sorry. It just amazes me the heart and will these creatures have. He is in a far better place now. RIP Merlin, go run with the many horses that have crossed he bridges with you. You are now happy and healthy and noone can hurt you again. I am sure Zack and Lucy were there to greet you and take you home.

  4. Viki Minchew says:

    So sorry, Dusty…but at least he is now at peace.

  5. Rose Pezza says:

    Monica, I have said it a hundred times but I will say it again You my Dear are an Angel. R.I.P. Merlin At least you got to feel and know what real love is.

  6. Candace Ferguson says:

    Monica, great to have you out yesterday at TSC. And the past comment was correct.. you and everyone in this agency are true ANGELS. and at least Merlin knew before he passed that his final days were spent being loved and cared for. How is his friend Guinevere doing? Please let me know if I can help in any way and thanks for all you do!

    • DTHR says:

      Candace, thank you for your kind words. We do what we can and thanks to you and TSC we were able to get the word out about DTHR. Thank you for supporting us and for donating feed and the canopy. Our horses have shelter and now we do too when we are at our booth 🙂
      Guinevere is doing really well. She has a new pasture friend and thinks she is in heaven.

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