Casey and Zero

Casey and Zero met at their foster moms home. Casey had been badly hurt at a rodeo and Zero had COPD and needed medication very frequently. Both horses became friends and one would not go anywhere without the other. They have been an inseparable pair for just about 3 years.

On 09/13/2008 the decision was made to let Casey go over the Rainbow Bridge since his body just had enough. Zero took it very hard.

On 09/14/2008 Zero past away suddenly due to a heart attack. Once again, one would not want to be without the other.

Casey and Zero, we love you and miss you more than you can imagine but we are happy that you now can run again. You are free of any physical illness and you are both together. The love you two share will never keep you apart.

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  1. Carole Parker says:

    I knew and loved big Casey, He was a wonderful horse. I was there the day he was injured so badly. R.I.P Big Man…

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