Material Donations

We are in need of any donated feed, supplies or equipment. All supply donations are greatly appreciated! Contact us to make arrangements for the pickup or drop off of your donation. Farmer Feed and Supply on Fleming Road in Montgomery will also take feed donations for us.

Feeds we use:

  • Shredded beet pulp
  • Nutrena Senior
  • S&S 12 Pellets
  • Alfalfa cubes
  • clean, good quality horse hay

Items we need:

  • 4-horse stock type trailer
  • Any kind of storage building
  • Coral panels
  • Riding mower
  • Picknic table / bench
  • 4-wheeler or John Deere gator etc

Horse items we need:

  • Water troughs
  • Water hoses
  • Adjustable halter
  • Horse chute
  • Fly spray
  • Solar fence chargers
  • Electrobraid fencing
  • Wood fence posts
  • Dewormers
  • Salt Licks
  • Cotton lead ropes with bolt snap

This is the type trailer we are looking for:

2 Responses to Wishlist

  1. Kristy says:

    Is there any way I could get a list of any prefered brands, how much you need of everything on the wishlist, and anything else you need? I’m working on a little … project. It’s a surprise, though. Any help would be great!

    • DTHR says:

      Kristy, thank you for your interest in helping our cause. We use Safechoice Senior (3 bags/month) and Original (6 bags/month) as well as Stock and Stable 10% pellets 31 bags/month as well as salt licks etc.


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